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Before you double-click on "setup.exe" and go. Give us a call. Technology does not have to be a dreaded upgrade. Effectively applying the correct technology to solve design and business problems will allow you to remain competitive in today's marketplace. See below for a sample of our consulting services offerings. Call 310-651-6868 for a free assessment.





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Titan AEC offers a wide range of consulting services to allow you to remain competitve in this challenging marketplace. See below for a sample of our services offerings. Call 310-651-6868 for a free assessment.

Designing with technology is one thing. The management of design technology is an entirely different story. BIM / CAD Management is typically viewed as overhead expense. Our BIM/CAD Management services allows us to deliver technical expertise when you need it and where you need it. Technology changes rapidly and our adept team will assist you with that change. You can have a BIM/CAD Manager as little or often as your firm or project requires. We implement some of the AEC industries best practices to ensure that your firm is achieving a return on its technology investment.

BIM and CAD Standards are frequently a moving target that firms often struggle to create and maintain. Deciding and documenting these standards can be very time consuming. Allocating resources for this arduous task can be frustrating. Titan AEC has extensive experience in set up, maintenance and even documentation of BIM and CAD standards so everyone in the firm has timley access on how to properly use these standards within their design projects.

As several firms cross the chasm into Building Information Modeling, creating content and styles to use within programs such as the Revit platform or the AutoCAD platform can be an uphill battle. To what level of detail is sufficient for design? What level of detail is sufficient for construction documentation? Will this get past OSHPD or DSA? If a client is requesting a project to be delivered in a particular BIM format, is your firm ready? Does your team have the right content to convey design intent? Our team will assist you in formulating a content plan to allow you to maintain design data throughout various stages of design so you can deliver maximum value to your clientele.

You've attended training, now what? Our Project Mentoring and Shadowing Services will assist you in connecting the dots from training to real world application of the core training concepts. Designers can be assisted in specifc aspects of technology as it relates to the design process. This type of consulting service allows the designer to focus on key concepts that they would like to delve into, while the time spent can be billable to the project.

Titan AEC is one of the few technology consulting firms with LEED Accredited Professionals on staff. Having this expertise in-house allows for you to maximize value while reducing your carbon footprint. If your project is in AutoCAD Architecture or even Revit Architecture, we can assist you with varied levels of LEED Analysis. Our team can show you how to add parameters in conjunction with Revit's powerful scheduling features so your building will be on its way to being LEED certified.

Autodesk is committed to releasing a version of software every single year. There is tremendous value in these new features. However, installing them on every single workstation within your network can be a daunting task. Our deployment services allow us to streamline your software deployment so that it is consistently configured across your entire network. Regardless if it is a standalone installation or a network installation, our team can assist you in any deployment scenario. We can even create a deployment manual for your reference after we leave.

This consulting service is executed after the completion of the your pilot project with Building Information Modeling with the Revit platform. Our team will evaluate your Revit project and how your team constructed the model. After a thorough evaluation, our team will furnish you with a report on where your model excelled and where your model needs improvement.

Feeling overwhelmed when trying to purchase a computer? Do you know if your current hardware will be sufficient for your projects requiring Building Information Modeling? Contact us so we can perform an IT hardware assessment for your design team.