TITAN AEC incorporates the owner’s agenda into our implementation of building information modeling (BIM) and virtual design & construction (VDC) solutions on capital improvement projects. TITAN AEC realizes that a project utilizes more than one type of tool to imagine, design & construct a project. We are not interested in selling you software. Our technology partnerships include Autodesk, Microsoft, and Faro Technologies.  We are laser focused in maximizing the technology to assist program managers and owners to define, implement and manage that project’s scope.

Technology solutions are becoming more sophisticated as there are a myriad of tools coming to market. TITAN AEC can help you navigate and implement the growing number of tools within your technology stack. We assist our clients in leveraging solutions within virtual design & construction such as building information modeling (BIM), geographic information systems (GIS), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), data analytics, and LiDAR (commonly known as laser scanning) into an integrated solution set that addresses an organization’s unique project requirements.

As budgets and timelines are being constrained, TITAN AEC provides strategic consulting services to assist project stakeholders in communicating vision and defining technology roadmaps with interoperability workflows for each project. TITAN AEC can maintain your technology solutions required to optimize your specific VDC workflow and processes. TITAN AEC can augment your team with our knowledgeable staff and technology to improve project quality, increase efficiency, and mitigate risk throughout the project lifecycle.

To know more about our consulting services for building information modeling (BIM) and virtual design & construction (VDC) you can email us or call us. Our team is at your service.  You can simply fill out the contact form our website and within 24 business hours, you will get a reply from our business development team.