TITAN AEC specifically services the entire AECO (architecture, engineering, construction, owner/operator) industry and their supply chain.  This laser focused dedication to the AECO marketplace means that we understand that our success is directly related to the meeting the real need of our customers.  Our consulting offerings are tailored to meet those needs at a deeper level than any other company.  Before you install your software and jump right in. Give us a call. Technology does not have to be a dreaded upgrade. Effectively applying the correct technology and workflow to solve design and business problems will allow you to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. TITAN AEC offers a wide range of consulting services to allow you to remain competitive in this challenging marketplace.  Please explore our website and see how our technical expertise and project experience can greatly increase your company’s bottom line.

We understand the complex interconnection and mutual effort that the partnerships of the AEC industry require and we constantly refine what we do and how we do it to make those partnerships more profitable for every member of that network.  Our expertise therefore is not confined to selling and supporting of software subscriptions.  Our partnerships with best in class technology companies culminates the nexus of the AEC project workflow.  TITAN AEC understands the work you do and the tools you employ.  We work constantly to make that work easier and more profitable for you and your project teams.