Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a powerful tool that can change how your design and construction teams deliver projects.  BIM standards create a logical structure that your team and project stakeholders can follow.  Standards allow your team to focus on project delivery instead of trying to figure out how to use the design software to achieve a graphical result.

Architecture & Engineering Firms

Creating a project template is probably the most important part of a successful BIM implementation. This template file contains information that your firm can repeatedly utilize to create new projects. Saving time by using predefined standards will enable your team to model, manage and annotate the correct information within their design project.  Creating the right project template can be challenging. TITAN AEC can collaboratively create and maintain your project template or even provide guidance to improve your existing template. Your project template can be created with predefined elements and settings with the following:

  • Project “Starting” Page which identifies template version, project number, name, and status as well as other project-centric information
  • Project browser to organize your views, schedules, sheets, groups, and families
  • View templates to control view properties, such as view scale, discipline, detail level, and visibility settings
  • Title blocks with industry standard sheet sizes.
  • Customized line styles, line weights, annotation styles, materials, and symbols

TITAN AEC has a team of industry professionals that can give you the necessary guidance to get the most of out your design technology investment while leveraging external industry expertise.  Contact our team to learn how to create a standardized workflow that will help you achieve optimum results from Building Information Modeling

TITAN AEC can create standards for the following software:


Owners & Facility Managers

Buildings are becoming more complex, budgets are shrinking, and project timelines are getting constrained. As a result, building owners and facility managers find it in their best interest to implement Building Information Modeling (BIM) for multiple reasons, including saving time and money. Regardless of the contractual project delivery method, we highly recommend that owners mandate BIM for all project types.

TITAN AEC can assist developers, building owners, and facility managers in developing their BIM strategy to achieve maximum results.  Every building is unique and our consulting services for owners can be tailored to your specific project and organizational goals.    Our delivery methods range from day-to-day project management to staff augmentation, TITAN AEC can tailor a consulting engagement to maximize your ROI in design & construction technology.