Design technologies like are very complex and extensive along with their associated workflows. It is important to have a team member with experience to make the best decision for the project team. By working with TITAN AEC you will get all of the benefits of an experienced full-time BIM/VDC manager without the expensive overhead.  TITAN AEC provides building information modeling (BIM) and computer aided design (CAD) design management services.  Our team can help you manage your design process, workflow and project deliverable.

One of our talented BIM Managers will be assigned to your firm. Our team member will visit you firm on the frequency that you desire which can range from monthly, weekly, or even multiple days per week based on your firm’s specific needs. We will meet with your team to develop a strategic plan and create a prioritized list of tasks and goals. During this experience, we will provide direction and technical answers that your staff needs along with developing a long term vision. Our management services can be delivered on-site, off-site (remotely) or a combination of the two. Our management services are completely scalable to match your firm’s needs.