Unity Technologies is the platform of choice for interactive development. Unity Technologies has recently acquired VisualLive and PiXYZ software which extends the value of Unity Technologies’ product portfolio.  TITAN AEC can offer the AECO industry a true visualization experience by integrating building information modeling (BIM) project data into your Unity environment.  This will take your architectural, engineering or construction project to the next level with high quality imagery, panorama and virtual reality such that project stakeholder engagement is increased.

Unity Technologies supports over 30 different types of hardware including some of the world’s most popular devices such as Microsoft XBOX, Playstation, and Microsoft HoloLens.

TITAN AEC provides are variety of training and consulting services so your firm or project team can gain immediate value from their investment with BIM and Unity Technologies.  TITAN AEC offers the following training classes:

  • Unity Fundamentals
  • Unity Reflect for Revit
  • VisualLive
  • CAD and BIM Integration with PiXYZ Software.
  • Custom Solutions with Unity Professional.

Our team is constantly innovating with Unity Technologies, so feel free to bookmark this site for the latest updates.